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I’m an entry level Gypsy, trying my luck at world travel. I traded in my press pass for a passport and my red carpet wardrobe for a ramen noodle budget. I walked away from a high profile, well paid position as an on air reporter for a national news network over two years ago because pretending to care about celebrities was starting to make me physically ill.

I’ve been traveling the world on a budget of about $60 a day. That includes transportation, lodging and meals. But I’m not above pretending to be charming enough to get other people to pick up my bar tab. I’m not a savage.

I’ve been a journalist for my entire adult life and I have no other skills… so hopefully this blogging thing works out because I’m too old to fetch a good price at the sex slavery markets.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for likely offensive anecdotes about my world travels.  And check back for blog postings about everything from my budget to my highly anticipated near death experiences and of course inevitable muggings.

If you have a burning desire to know more about what really prompted me to sell all of my possessions and set out on this journey around the world, check out my early blog posts and all will be revealed...

Email me if you have any questions about travel or are curious where I scored on the psychopath test. (Higher than you’d be comfortable with, but slightly less murdery.)

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