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Two Months and 10 Countries

I'm more than two months into my Journey and in true Gypsy form I've been covering plenty of ground. In just eight weeks I hit 10 countries. (Holland,  Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, and now Greece.) I spent the most time in Sweden and Turkey but so far I think Greece is the most my jam. The weather is amazing, the sea is the perfect temperature and color and lets face it, how can you have a bad time on a yacht?!?!

I've been lucky enough to hit several islands over the last few days via a 43 meter, 6 bedroom (plus crew cabins) three deck yacht. Which, let me tell you, aside from a storm that almost sunk us, has been amazing. The guys I'm with spare no expense to have a good time. They literally reopened the airport when one of their flights was delayed coming in from London.

Anything they want, they get. A lifestyle I'm very far removed from. But still, I can't say I couldn't get use to it. There's almost as many staff members on board as vacationers. A five star chef, captain, co-captain, Greek fixer to handle all local affairs and a few waiters and bartenders responsible for keeping alcohol in the glasses and food on the table.

As if the airport example isn't enough to express just how no-nonsense these guys are... We met a local Greek singer at dinner and they wanted her to come back to the yacht for a private show, but she needed a band. So at 3am, the fixer managed to get one. Within an hour they were set up on the middle deck and ready to go. Payment? Never even discussed. The answer if ever asked? "whatever it takes." Whose life am I living?

Thanks to some incredibly generous people, I've been able to stick to my budget and still travel in style. Nine weeks into my journey I've spent roughly $5,000. Which is about $75 a day. That includes flights, hostels and paying extra for boosting my travel insurance to include some added features for good measure. Some days I spent nothing, other days, double my allotted amount.

Sweden was by far the most expensive place I've visited and Turkey was the most affordable. Even though Greece uses the Euro and the dollar is still weak in comparison, food and hotels are very reasonable. 

I head to Spain next so I'll have an update once I get a feel for that country. I have a lot more to tell but the lack of available wifi is forcing me to cut this blog a bit short. Stay tuned for more in the near future.

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