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The Journey Begins

It's finally here. The day I embark on my year long journey around the world. All the saving and planning is over. I've said my goodbyes, got rid of all of my possessions and packed my bag... and unpacked it and repacked it and eventually had to leave out my second choice heels, due to weight and space issues. That might be the hardest goodbye yet. When your wardrobe consists of dresses and stilettos, it's pretty hard to pack a years worth of clothes and leave out a good pair of heels. I threw in a pair of jeans for good measure, but we all know my entire pack is full of lace and lipstick. What else could a girl need? 

That uniform has served me well here in the US and I have a feeling it will be no different abroad, and here's how I know: remember when I told you I'd be doing couch surfing? And you said, "Isn't that just an excuse for creepy dudes to get cute chicks to stay at their apartments?" And I said, probably? Well... We were right. Within about 30 minutes of posting my destination on couchsurfing.orgI had about 10 messages from men offering to host me at their places in Amsterdam. Not all of the messages were overtly sexual, but many were. It's kind of like shopping at Ross or Marshall's. You put up with the screaming kids and unorganized racks because you might find something good at a great price. My experience with couch-surfing has been the same. If you're willing to sift through the bullshit and cheesy come ons, you'll find a great deal. Free, in fact.

Since my flight into Amsterdam lands at 8pm I didn't want to roll the couch surfing dice after a long red eye from LAX, so I booked a bed in a hostel. $20 for dibs on one of eight beds in a female dorm. A great deal, but come shower-time, I might regret the cost savings, trying to get ready in a bathroom shared by eight chicks. Not great.  But still better than dealing with the guy who offered his place only to female nudists, the one who said he had no couch but his bed was supes comfy (wink wink) or the guy who is using Orlando Bloom's pics in his profile and just hoping no one notices. 

Despite those cringe-worthy displays, I managed to find a couple of nice, normal hosts for the rest of my time in the city. All of them have references and even come complete with seemingly normal Facebook pages. Won't it be funny when the "normal" guy harvests my organs and the creep show nudist cures cancer? Yay world travel!

Check out the attached gallery to see what I've been up to in my last month in the US.

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